Hair Coloring


Put your hair in the skilled hands of Kate Miasik – Wella Master Color Expert , and her experienced team, and let us create color tailor made for you! Depending on the final, desired by your result, a variety of application techniques and a selection of color shades will be used.

We work with no other but only the highest quality professional products for exclusive use in certified hair salons.

All color services in Kate Miasik Hair Salon include: shampoo and conditioning, head massage and styling.

Cost varies depending on length, thickness, actual color and techniques used to achieve the result agreed.


Tinting is the application of permanent color to your hair.

With our tinting service following results can be achieved: tone-on-tone, to darken your locks and/or cover grey hair, lighten virgin hair up to 4 shades.

We recommend you schedule your color maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks.

*Cost may vary depending on hair length and density.*

Regrowth color touch-up

From $700 with Jr
From $900 with Sr and Master Stylist
From $1000 with Kate

*this price only applies when your regrowth is less the 1in / 2.5cm, if it is more you may be charged for an All Over Color*

All over color application

From $800+ with Jr Stylist
From $1000+ with Sr Stylist
From $1100+ with Master Stylist
From $1200+ with Kate


With this technique there are virtually endless options for brightening up your dull strands by adding in some subtle color. The color is applied to small sections of the hair to create a natural sun – kissed effect around the face. Highlights can accentuate eye color, bring out cheekbones and even slim full faces. They show off the lines of your haircut, create depth, and the illusion of fullness. Your hairstylist will personalise your color application technique depending on the desired result (woven, highlights, lowlights, balayage, babylights, hairpainting, shatush, ombre, blending or other techniques may be used).

We recommend you schedule your appointments every 6-10 weeks
To keep your color looking fresh between services us e Glossing every 4-8 weeks
Cost depends on length and thickness of hair, and the area requiring color
Half head – frontal and top section application only, suitable for touch ups
Full head- all-over application

Highlights – traditional application, when colors added are lighter than your natural base color. Our favourite for blondes, and for natural results. To create multitonal looks, different shades and tones can be applied.

Lowlights – using darker tones to add depth and definition to your color, very popular for blending gray

Balayage – free-hand technique where color is applied in sections painted in V shapes, away from the root, starting thin, blended in the middle and more saturated on the ends, to create a dramatic and lived in, sun kissed look

Babylights – ultra fine woven highlights, just enough to make your hair glisten, super-natural

HairPainting – color is painted onto sections of hair freehand to highlight certain areas

Shatush – hair is backcombed and color is applied to ends only for easy blending

Ombre – graduated color, starting darker at the regrowth and gradually lighter towards the ends

Half head highilights

From $1000+ with Jr Stylist
From $1300+ with Sr Stylist
From $1500+ with Master Stylist
From $1600+ with Kate

Full head highlights / Balayage

From $1600 – $2500 with Jr Stylist
From $1800 – $2900 with Sr Stylist
From $2000 – $3200 with Master Stylist
From $2200 – $3800 with Kate


This gentle demi-permanent ammonia free formula creates soft, multidimensional tones, improving shine and condition of your hair. Also referred to as toner or color rinse, it can last up to 26 washes. It deepens or darkens the color, and can correct those red and yellow tones that make hair look brassy. It is recommended when it is your first time coloring your hair and you want to try some color without yet making a commitment, or to blend the first gray hair.

From $700+ with Jr
From $900+ with Sr and Master Stylist
From $1100+ with Kate


If you wish to have color change, but your hair has already been color-treated, or if you hair is dark and you want to go platinum blonde, then it is most likely you require color correction. Color correction is also needed when you have been experimenting with box colors at home.

Previous to booking, we advise you to visit us for a consultation so we can assess your hair and program sufficient time for your appointment

Corrective color requires a lot of time and patience and can be costly, please take these into consideration. It depends on your actual hair color and condition whether the final result can be achieved in one appointment or if several sessions are needed.

Cost upon consultation.
We recommend adding Olaplex service when bleaching hair or correcting color for extra protection and better results.
If your hair is already compromised, a Haircut may be required to get rid of the ends.

Prices for this service may be given only upon a personal consultation in the salon

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